About Us


Established in July 2003, X-PLORE provides opportunities for people to study, work, or live abroad. Our vision is driven forth by a multinational team of qualified educational advisors, lawyers and travel consultants who know how much an interaction with a culture different from one’s own can enrich a world view.

The people in our various offices and our partners worldwide combine a wealth of talent, experience and resources to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. The quality of our services is important to us and we are continually striving to create new prospects for people to explore the world by:

-Staying ahead of the competition with innovative travel opportunities that surpass our customers’ expectations of price and service.

-Building a creative and rewarding work environment that can attract and retain smart & talented employees.

-Demonstrating expertise, excellence and integrity in managing our business

-Taking into account at all times the interests of all our stakeholders: our clients, our employees, our shareholders & partners, embassies, educational institutions and governments.


  1. We will be available to coach, groom and assist you through the entire process.
  2. We will strive to answer your questions promptly and address your concerns swiftly
  3. We will work relentlessly to get you abroad in the fastest, cheapest and easiest way possible
  4. We are up to date with the latest immigration policies, allowing us to structure your application to obtain a favourable outcome
  5. Where we are not able to provide information or assist, we will liaise with the necessary organisations or people on your behalf to get your problem resolved.