What to know: The United States is a multicultural country with people from all over the world who have now made the USA their home. The Ethnic Groups are: White 79.96%, Black 12.85%, Asian 4.43% American Indian and Alaska native 0.97%, Native Hawaiian and Other 0.18%. Buoyed by victories in World Wars I and II and the end of the Cold War in 1991, the US remains the world’s most powerful nation state. Since the end of World War II, the economy has achieved relatively steady growth, low unemployment and inflation, and rapid advances in technology.

The US has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world, with a per capita GDP of $47,200. In this market-oriented economy, private individuals and business firms make most of the decisions, and the federal and state governments buy needed goods and services predominantly in the private marketplace. In spite of the recent global crisis, there are some signs of positive growth and a number of industries are expected to expand over the next few years. Following the global economic downturn, sub prime mortgage crisis and credit crunch of 2008, the US recovery that began in 2009 has been in the balance; output in the US economy has expanded by 5 per cent since the end of the recession and it appears the US economy will experience a strong finish in 2011 and 2012. At the beginning of 2012, the unemployment rate fell back sharply to 8.6%, a two-and-a-half-year low

One of the greatest characteristics of the U.S.A. has always been its liberty and opportunity to thrive. Countless people have left their homelands to escape tyranny, poverty, and starvation. As a republic, the United States has always been run by the people, not by dictators or kings. This liberty and synergy have allowed the American People to prosper under the least-oppressive government on earth. America has never been made up of a single similar demographic of people, but has become a melting pot of beautiful cultures from around the world.

Immigration is the act of entering a country with the intention of permanently living and working there. The multi-step process involved in becoming an immigrant can be daunting. An experienced Representative like X-PLORE can be an invaluable resource and advocate in navigating this process. Over the last years, we have established an impressive reputation for assisting skilled individuals, families and business people to migrate and relocate abroad.

To determine whether you are eligible to migrate at this time, kindly contact us.

Who can apply: Bachelor degree holder in certain fields with at least1 year work experience

Where you can work: Placements are only available in certain occupations for at the moment

When you can apply: Anytime

What you pay for our services: $800 (+ $200 for each dependant)

What else you should budget for: Visa fee, air ticket and living expenses abroad for the first months

Why you should apply:

  • Americans enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the world. Life expectancy is 78.5 years.
  • USA’s GDP is still ranked one of the world’s highest. In the areas of human, social, financial and natural resources, USA is ranked consistently high by the World Bank.
  • USA is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In one landmass, you can find desert, rainforest, the Rocky Mountains, beaches and tons of lakes.
  • Migrating to America will provide you with plenty of employment opportunities, as you will be able to develop your career by working in some fantastic jobs.
  • We assist our clients through the whole process, from start to finish



  • A preliminary evaluation of your chances
  • Advice on which travel opportunity is suitable for you
  • A complete information package including clear instructions and the list of required documents
  • Review and fine-tuning of all your documents
  • Recommendations in regards to supporting documents to enhance your visa application
  • Complete and personalized briefing before departure;
  • Ongoing relations and follow-ups with embassies to ensure a smooth processing of your application;

Guarantees of constant support. In the event of any difficulties or problems, we will discuss, negotiate or advise you on all possible legal recourses to obtain a favorable decision