What to know: China, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is the most populous state in the world, with over 1.3 billion citizens. Located in East Asia, the country covers approximately 9.6 million square kilometres (3.7 million square miles). It is the world’s second-largest country by land area, and the third- or fourth-largest in total area, depending on the definition of total area. From the strife-ridden rule of Mao to the booming economic prosperity of today, China’s transformation from abject poverty to emerging superpower has been nothing short of remarkable. Yet, for a nation that gave the world inventions such as paper, gunpowder, the compass and printing, this rise should not really be surprising. Rich in history, and proud in its culture, embraced by both mountains and the sea, and abounding in all of nature’s magnificence, the country continues to grow. The world is witnessing the reemergence of a submerged giant. ‘Let a hundred flowers bloom,’ said former Chairman Mao Zedong. Indeed, China as a nation is beginning to do just that.

Since 1978, China has reformed and opened its economy. The Chinese leadership has adopted a more pragmatic perspective on many political and socioeconomic problems and has reduced the role of ideology in economic policy. China’s ongoing economic transformation has had a profound impact not only on China but on the world. The market-oriented reforms China has implemented over the past 2 decades have unleashed individual initiative and entrepreneurship. The result has been the largest reduction of poverty and one of the fastest increases in income levels ever seen. In 2010, China overtook Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy in terms of gross domestic product, behind the United States. It has sustained average economic growth of over 9.3% since 1989. In 2012, China outperformed all other major economies in 2010 with GDP growth around 10%. The economy appears set to remain on a strong growth trajectory in the future, lending credibility to the stimulus policies the regime rolled out during the global financial crisis.

Immigration is the act of entering a country with the intention of permanently living and working there. The multi-step process involved in becoming an immigrant can be daunting. An experienced Representative like X-PLORE can be an invaluable resource and advocate in navigating this process. Over the last years, we have established an impressive reputation for assisting skilled individuals, families and business people to migrate and relocate abroad.

To determine whether you are eligible to migrate at this time, kindly contact us.

Who can apply: Bachelor degree holder in certain fields with at least1 year work experience

Where you can work: Placements are only available in certain occupations for at the moment

When you can apply: Anytime

What you pay for our services: $800 (+ $200 for each dependant)

What else you should budget for: Visa fee, air ticket and living expenses abroad for the first months

Why you should apply:

  • China offers good job prospects and the cost of living is relatively low
  • China is the emerging superpower of the world. Economically and politically China is rapidly emerging as a major influence on a global stage
  • Whatever you say about the Chinese government, one thing is for sure – you’ll feel safe walking the streets. Crime is rare and it’s unlikely that you’ll see any fights, muggings or theft
  • Everything western and familiar to you is there if you want it. On arrival in China people are often shocked by how western it is, given their preconceptions
  • Your foreign expertise and ability to help Chinese companies compete internationally will bring with it the opportunity to become a key player in the company.
  • We assist our clients through the whole process, from start to finish



  • A preliminary evaluation of your chances
  • Advice on which travel opportunity is suitable for you
  • A complete information package including clear instructions and the list of required documents
  • Review and fine-tuning of all your documents
  • Recommendations in regards to supporting documents to enhance your visa application
  • Complete and personalized briefing before departure;
  • Ongoing relations and follow-ups with embassies to ensure a smooth processing of your application;
  • Guarantees of constant support. In the event of any difficulties or problems, we will discuss, negotiate or advise you on all possible legal recourses to obtain a favorable decision