What to know: UAE lies on the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and west and the Sultanate of Oman to the southeast, while Qatar lies to the northwest. The country’s total land area is about 83,600 square kilometers and UAE’s population of 4.43 million as of 2006 comprises roughly 20 percent Emirati nationals with the rest accounted for mostly by Asian, African and European nationals. Over 200,000 people are drawn to living in Dubai alone each year. Affordable house prices, high salaries and tax are among the reasons given for relocating to UAE. This trend is set to continue over the next few years with more and more foreigners set to begin a new life in the UAE.

Endowed with rich natural resources, UAE’s economy is dominated by oil exports although a growing diversification in the country’s economy has been evident in recent years. As of 2005, oil and natural gas production accounted for about 36% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). UAE has about 8%, or 98.7 billion barrels, of the world’s proven oil reserves and hosts the fifth largest natural gas reserves in the world. Currently the country operates on its maximum oil production capacity of 2.5 million barrels per day.The country’s extraordinary GDP growth has been driven primarily by the galloping oil prices in the international market, as well as the increasing traction of public joint stock companies and investments in the country’s growing number of free zones. Per- capita GDP in the country in 2006 hovers around $38,000, which is one of the top 25 highest per-capita GDP in the world.

The country’s impressive economic performance sent the gross domestic product (GDP) rising to 29.32% in 2006 at current prices, reaching about $168.5 billion. This economic prosperity, coupled with a liberal business and social environment, ensures that people from nearly every country in the world will continue to come here to live, work and play.

Immigration is the act of entering a country with the intention of permanently living and working there. The multi-step process involved in becoming an immigrant can be daunting. An experienced Representative like X-PLORE can be an invaluable resource and advocate in navigating this process. Over the last years, we have established an impressive reputation for assisting skilled individuals, families and business people to migrate and relocate abroad.

To determine whether you are eligible to migrate at this time, kindly contact us.

Who can apply: Bachelor degree holder in certain fields with at least1 year work experience

Where you can work: Placements are only available in certain occupations for at the moment

When you can apply: Anytime

What you pay for our services: $800 (+ $200 for each dependant)

What else you should budget for: Visa fee, air ticket and living expenses abroad for the first months

Why you should apply:

  • There is no income or capital gains tax, nor is there any corporation tax. This combined with 100% ownership in free zones and freehold property developments, with strong investor incentives and protections makes UAE a highly appealing place to buy and live.
  • Dubai is regarded as being in the top five safest cities to live in the world. crime levels are very low with offences against another person and theft kept to the lowest possible levels by a vigilant police force
  • UAE has one of lowest unemployment rates in the world with only 1.7% of the population currently unemployed
  • Compared to other countries around the world, UAE properties are relatively inexpensive, more luxurious and the facilities provided are top class.
  • UAE offers a very good standard of living, with its great weather, safe environment, vibrant nightlife, countless leisure activities and great beaches
  • We assist our clients through the whole process, from start to finish



  • A preliminary evaluation of your chances
  • Advice on which travel opportunity is suitable for you
  • A complete information package including clear instructions and the list of required documents
  • Review and fine-tuning of all your documents
  • Recommendations in regards to supporting documents to enhance your visa application
  • Complete and personalized briefing before departure;
  • Ongoing relations and follow-ups with embassies to ensure a smooth processing of your application;
  • Guarantees of constant support. In the event of any difficulties or problems, we will discuss, negotiate or advise you on all possible legal recourses to obtain a favorable decision