What to know

In today’s world, it is easier than ever to reach across boundaries. The global environment offers infinite opportunities—but only to those who have the right skills. We help individuals develop the language and cross-cultural skills necessary for success.

Now you can learn a new language at home, at the office or on the road. X-PLORE Virtual Classroom is a convenient, web-based option that brings live instruction to your desktop. It is accessible anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection. This user-friendly online format uses the same course materials as traditional face-to-face instruction. Our Virtual Classroom is the only program of its kind in Africa. Unlike other computer-based learning programs, our Virtual Classroom features live instruction. With a headset and microphone, you interact with the instructor online just as you would in a traditional setting. You practice conversation in realistic situations. The instructor provides personal attention, support and feedback to help build your skills and confidence. The online format is easy to use, and it lets you record sessions and play them back for review.

Which languages you can learn: French, English, Spanish, German and Danish among others, for beginners through advanced learners.

Which options you can choose from:

  • Private online learning allows maximum flexibility in content, vocabulary and scheduling. One-on-one instruction allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • Online group instruction offers a friendly, supportive atmosphere and the same dynamic classroom interaction as traditional instruction. Small groups allow personalized attention. Sessions meet at regularly scheduled times. Content can be customized for employees or members of an organization with a shared goal.
  • Self-Study programs offer the ultimate in flexible language learning. This online program gives you access to language training seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Learn at your convenience and your own pace—anywhere in the world. Self-Study uses cutting-edge speech recognition technology to help you learn to speak the new language. It features an attractive interactive learning environment that combines audio, text and images. Programs include thousands of exciting exercises and activities to help you speak, listen, read and write the new language.

What you pay: It depends on the medium of learning. Options start at $50 for some self study programs

Who can use this service: Anyone who wishes to learn a new language

Why you should apply: When you choose us, you can expect engaging, up-to-date course materials delivered in a format that’s most convenient for you: live online instruction; multimedia self-study; blended options; study abroad programs and more. Our online programs incorporate the latest technology for the highest-quality experience. We deliver:


  • A comprehensive range of products and services for language instruction
  • Multiple delivery platforms, personalized learning one-on-one or in small groups
  • Excellent instruction based on many years of experience
  • Measurable results and consistent quality through global quality assurance processes
  • Customizable content