We provide concierge shopping services for those who would like to purchase goods abroad or pay for some services online. No credit check. No bank account required. This service seeks to overcome the challenges associated with International Cross Border eCommerce transactions by both consumers and businesses. Our commitment is to our customers, ensuring a safe and seamless experience with the best technology, service and delivery in the industry. Whether you are a Consumer looking to make a purchase overseas, or a student who needs help to pay his application fee or tuition fee abroad, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

If you need to make purchases online but do not have a visa/ Mastercard or if your bank card is not accepted online, we can do it on your behalf. We will pay for your hotel bookings, airline tickets, international standardized tests (TOEFL, GRE…etc), application fees or tuition fees to schools abroad

We can also buy any product of your choice abroad and forward them to you. Our concierge shopping services:

· Allow the purchase of US products without a US credit card

· Eliminate international shipping restrictions that exist with many retailers

· Eliminate fraudulent concerns, as you rely on our experience

What you pay for our services –$25 for purchases or payments below $250

-10% of the total cost for purchases or payments above $250

Who can use this service: Anyone who needs help to make a payment to a company abroad

What you can pay for: Anything (bookings, tuition fee, application fee, test registration, books…etc)