Shop Abroad


Our subsidiary ISHOPABROAD provides concierge shopping services for those abroad who would like to purchase US goods. We will buy the products on your behalf and forward them to you. Our concierge shopping services:

  • Allow the purchase of US products without a US credit card
  • Eliminate international shipping restrictions that exist with many retailers
  • Eliminate fraudulent concerns, as you rely on our experience


If you are looking for some particular product to buy in the US or in Europe, like a car, machines, electronics…etc, contact us and we will search for the lowest prices on your behalf.
We will research & locate the best deals, propose it to you and buy it for you if necessary.


If you need to make purchases online but do not have a visa/ Mastercard or if your bank card is not accepted online, ISHOPABROAD INTERNET VISA CARD is just what you need. Get your card number& code within a week. No credit check. No bank account required. Use it to shop on the internet everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. Pay safely online for hotel bookings, airline tickets, internationals exams like TOEFL…etc

Go to for details on these services.