What to know: Studying in China is an excellent opportunity to explore the world’s most populous country. China’s 6,000 year-old civilization is one of the oldest in the world. China has been the world’s fastest growing economy for the past 30 years. Even during the financial crisis, China’s economic growth has maintained a level of 8%, a pace unthinkable in other countries. China’s GDP recently surpassed Japan’s to become the world’s second largest economy after the United States. The world’s top 500 companies all do business in China, with many choosing to base their Asia-Pacific headquarters in the bustling Chinese cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. The current rise of China has made it very clear that people who can speak Chinese and have firsthand experience of living in China are going to have a great advantage in terms of employment.

Many universities offer degree programs taught in English and academic qualifications awarded by Chinese universities are recognized by most developed countries. In 2009, more than 240,000 students from over 180 countries came to China to study for both degree and non-degree programs. Studying and living in China is cheaper than studying and living in European countries, the U.S., Japan, South Korea and many other countries. For example, the tuition fee at a UK university is at least £7000 whilst the United States and Australia have the world’s most expensive tuition fees. Even in other parts of Asia studying is not cheap. Japan boasts high living expenses soaring up to 1800 dollars a month, while South Korea is one of the world’s five most expensive countries for foreign residents. On the other hand, in China, the tuition fees per semester are generally around $1000 to $ 2000. Food and consumption in China are as affordable as it gets. All in all, everything is more than affordable in China; it’s cheap!

The basis of our placement is an individualized assessment of each potential student with whom we work. Beginning with an interview process, we get to know the academic records, abilities, interests and needs of applicants. That assessment, combined with our extensive knowledge of available programmes as well as admissions requirements at a number of universities abroad forms the basis of the guidance we provide through every step of the admission and visa process.

Who can apply: Anyone interested in studying in China

What you can study: Anything

When you can apply: Although a few schools have a spring intake, the main one is fall

What you pay for our services: $400

What else you should budget for: Visa fees, tuition fee, air ticket and maintenance fees abroad

Tuition fees: Averagely from $3000 to about $5000 per year for undergraduate

Averagely from $4000 to about $6000 for postgraduate studies

Why you should apply:

  • We assist our clients through the whole process, from admission to visa application
  • Stress free visa process and visa guaranteed for students who follow our instructions
  • Competitive course fees and wide range of study options and universities to choose from
  • China’s higher education system boasts a strong reputation worldwide.
  • Although China is one of the world’s most robust economies, monthly living expenses can be as low as$250



  • A preliminary evaluation of your chances
  • Advice on which travel opportunity is suitable for you
  • A complete information package including clear instructions and the list of required documents
  • Review and fine-tuning of all your documents
  • Recommendations in regards to supporting documents to enhance your visa application
  • Complete and personalized briefing before departure;
  • Ongoing relations and follow-ups with embassies to ensure a smooth processing of your application;
  • Guarantees of constant support. In the event of any difficulties or problems, we will discuss, negotiate or advise you on all possible legal recourses to obtain a favorable decision