What to know: New Zealand is a country that is often overlooked, with some even believing that it is part of Australia! While there is a very close relationship between Australia and New Zealand, this country has its own very active and very vibrant culture, economy and communities of Expats living in New Zealand. The country is split into two main islands, namely the North Island and the South Island together with a variety of smaller additional islands. Like Australia, the country is very much part of the UK Commonwealth with very close ties to the UK, although it is well known for the various Maori tribes which have long been part of the country’s ancestry. Like Australia, New Zealand is home to its own unique style of flora and animal population, which has resulted in an ever increasing tourist trade known as eco-tourism. New Zealand has a well-developed economy which while dependant on a small number of areas that has experienced a decline because of the current worldwide recession. This has made many commodity price changes that have severely affected agriculture, horticulture, fishing and forestry industries that make up the bulk of the country’s economy.

This dependence on commodity prices is further extenuated by the relatively large amount of product which is exported, being in the region of 28% of the country’s overall output – a substantial figure compared to 21% for the UK as a whole. Major export partners include Australia (taking 21.4% of all exports), US (14.1%), Japan (10.6%), China (5.1%) and the UK (4.7%). Because of the slowdown of these economies in the past two years, the overall economy would contract at around 2.2% a year until 2013.Unemployment has increased due to the sudden dislocations in some industries, but compared to others, it sits steady at a fairly low 3.8%, which ranks New Zealand in the top 50 employment hot spots of the world. The country did suffer from the so called “brain drain” in the 1990s as commodity price falls hit the economy hard, although this has since being reversed and the country is now a net “importer” of professionally qualified foreign nationals. Historically New Zealanders have benefited from a relatively low rate of income tax, although this has changed of late with rates now more in line with comparable countries. To work in the country you require a Tax Code Declaration prior to agreeing employment terms, which enables you to join the state Pay As You Earn system which deducts tax due at source.

We are only accepting applications of professionals in certain occupations at the moment. To determine whether you are eligible, kindly contact us.

Who can apply: Bachelor degree holder in certain fields with at least1 year work experience

Where you can work: Placements are only available in certain occupations for at the moment

When you can apply: Anytime

What you pay for our services: $1600

What else you should budget for: Visa fee, air ticket and living expenses abroad for the first months

Why you should apply:

  • New Zealand has a democratic political system and a free-market philosophy.
  • A 2009 Report from Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, ranks New Zealand as the world’s 10th most prosperous country. The report measures wealth and “general wellbeing”
  • Low unemployment rate (still under 3.8%), high job turnover rate creating opportunities, generous leave, statutory maternity and paternity benefits
  • New business immigration policies make it easier for business people and investors to gain residency, with realistic minimum investment levels, a wide range of qualifying investment options and assistance with identifying investment opportunities
  • We assist our clients through the whole process, from job search to visa application


  • A preliminary evaluation of your chances
  • Advice on which travel opportunity is suitable for you
  • A complete information package including clear instructions and the list of required documents
  • Review and fine-tuning of all your documents
  • Recommendations in regards to supporting documents to enhance your visa application
  • Complete and personalized briefing before departure;
  • Ongoing relations and follow-ups with embassies to ensure a smooth processing of your application;
  • Guarantees of constant support. In the event of any difficulties or problems, we will discuss, negotiate or advise you on all possible legal recourses to obtain a favorable decision