Studentxplore: a magazine for students

We are very proud to also publish STUDENTXPLORE, a magazine written by students for students. Its objective is to inform and educate young people.

We cover different and interesting topics in every issue: religion, love, job, academics, travel abroad tips, fashion, latest filas from various campuses, celebrities, sports…etc.

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Do-it-yourself  Booklets

We also publish some interesting booklets on work abroad and study abroad issues. Check our booklets:

All about studying in the UK All about studying in the US All about scholarships

Other booklets will be out soon! Kindly contact us to place an order. Downloadable versions of these booklets are also available. If you are in Ghana, you may visit our Ghana office in person to pay cash. Alternatively, you may send us your payment through wire transfer, bank draft or Moneygram, Western union. Contact us if you need details on these forms of payment.

If you own a credit/ debit card or have a Paypal account, it is simpler for you to pay online. Payments are securely processed and encrypted. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. To place your order, just choose the booklet you wish to buy below, click on “PAY NOW” and follow the instructions: