• My name is Alex Acheampong from Ghana.I saw X-PLORE in the daily news paper on feb.2014 and I made up my mind to contact the officials to help me travel to study.The staff workers are very good.They assisted me in all the process and even went with me to the embassy to submit my visa application.I thank all the staff of X-PLORE  for their effort and perfect kindness especially madam Angela.
    I strongly recommend that all students contact X-PLORE about their plans to travel abroad ,study and work. Thanks!

    ALEX ACHEAMPONG(Malaysia Student Visa) 08/03/15

  • I am very happy I came to X-plore to help me acquire a visa to the UK. X-plore is indeed a trustworthy company. They delivered on their promise and made me feel welcomed. The workers are so friendly and so dedicated to their work. I recommend X-plore to anyone who wants to travel abroad. X-plore is the best.

    MACLEAN DANQUAH 20/05/2016 (Study in the UK)

  • I just obtained a student visa to the UK and will be traveling within hours. X-PLORE to me is the best educational consultancy. X-PLORE will take time to listen to you, work with your suggestions and  be patient when you insist on something simply because you are ignorant about certain things.  I enjoyed your service.

    Thank you!!

    CALEB ASIRIFI ATTAFUAH 15/01/2015 (Study in the UK)

  • My experience with X-PLORE was a delight. The personnel was very professional and communicated regularly with me. I absolutely enjoyed being a client and I really appreciate the immense efforts X-PLORE put in to get me a school and help me obtain the visa to the Netherlands. I will not hesitate to recommend X-PLORE services to others. Thank you!!

    AUGUSTUS D. SEBUAFOR 05/10/2014 (Holland student visa)

  • I heard of X-PLORE through an advert I saw on the internet and decided to call .  They directed to their Ghana office. After paying them a visit for more information, I called my dad back to give him a feedback. He agreed that I could start the procedure. By the grace of God, everything went well. Mrs Angela and Mrs Cynthia were extremely helpful. I am truly grateful to X-PLORE for everything and do not hesitate to recommend them to all those who often asked me how I made it to America in such a short period of time. The admission process was really fast and I did not have any problem obtaining the visa. Thank you so much X-PLORE!

    SIA MARIE MILLIMOUNO 16/08/2014 (USA student visa)

  • I am Armstrong, I am now through with all my documentations and ready to move to Malaysia to study by God’s Grace and your help. I really appreciate your support and want to thank you (X-PLORE) for your reception. I pray that God will bless your organisation. I will stay in touch and contact you when I can. Thank you.

    AMOAH ARMSTRONG 25/02/2014 (Malaysia student visa)

  • I am so excited…. With the help of X-PLORE, I have just been able to acquire a five years visa to the United States of America. You guys totally rock!!

    SPENCER TAMAKLOE 02/10/2014 (US 5 years tourist visa)

  • Hi X-PLORE,
    This is Joanita, I am in the UK now by the grace of God and your help. I really appreciate your help and want to send big thanks to you guys especially you Angela for your patience and hard work. I plead with the lord to bless your business and personal lives. I will stay in touch and contact you when I can.
    Thanks very much.”

    Joanita Mensah 01/10/2014 (Study in the UK)

  • My name is Dominic Kissiedu Larbi from Ghana. I saw X-PLORE on the internet and I made up my mind to contact them so that they can help me travel outside the country to study. As the saying goes “A thousand miles begins with a step” so I took a step to their office at Asylum down at the trust towers building. The workers were kind and nice to me and discussed various options with me

    They helped me in preparing my travelling documents, went with me to the embassy and also assisted me at the airport, their effort made me through. I thank the staff of X-PLORE for their effort and kindness especially Madam Angela.

    They are truly a student’s partner in life. I therefore edge every student to contact them and I promise you will be successful.

    Dominic Kissiedu 25/09/2013 (Study abroad)

  • I am from Congo; I think X-plore Ghana is perfect. I was afraid to begin the process to study abroad but as I am writing now I have gotten my visa to study information technology in Malaysia next month, so I am blessed. X-PLORE is competent so trust them on any advice they will give you regarding your travelling plans. You only need to be patient and you will not be disappointed. As for me I just trusted X-PLORE and I really liked the way they work in their office. They are always ready to assist their clients even at the embassy. They are wonderful and have the expertise to help you go anywhere. Thanks

    Tyssemi Mavoungou 15/09/2013 (Study Abroad)